Episode 10 | Tyler Carter


Photography & Styling Greg Bailey

In this episode Greg and Dan talk about scenes, mosh pits, MySpace, and metephorical patch work quilts. For the first time Greg went off without Dan at his side to interview this episodes Guest, Tyler Carter who was on tour in London with his band Issues. Tyler disscusses his many different tastes in music, his friendship with Farrah Moan, and his very unusual hidden talent. For this episode Coby our producer steps in for Dan so we can finish up with a round of Cards Against Humanity.

Editorial, quotes and snippets from the episode below.


What’s it like touring as a lead singer of a band verus touring as a solo artist?

Well i’ve been touring with Issues for a lot longer, so that definately gave me my wings and taught me showmanship. I started this year off doing my solo tours, I kinda went back to my roots a bit and DIY’ed it. Traveled in a van, I only brought a couple of people to help out and play. I haven’t done that in like seven years, as Issues tours always have support from the label, or its big bands taken us on tour. So it was really humbling to do it as a solo artist.


“People have got to realise the LGBTQ+ community pretty much run pop culture”

I wanted to ask you about what its like being an out and proud queer person in the metalcore scene.

I think it’s becoming more common now, as people are becoming more comfortable. I think as well we need to look at pop culture and people need to realise that the LGBTQ+ community are pretty much running pop culture. I mean we have taken over pop culture, from fashion, music, entertainment, and made it mainstream. The doors are way more open for us to shine as a community. There’s still however some festivals within the rock scene where there is still toxic masculity happening, and its sad that a lot of queer people don’t feel safe or welcome in those spaces.


“My name was Carla, and I had a pet pig called Babe”

Have you ever thought of a drag name for yourself?

Someone already took it. There’s this kid drag queen, her name is Lactatia. But I can lactate, so I always thought that should of been my drag name.

Can you actually?

If I don’t do it for a while it can just spray out. I like to save it for parties, save it up and get a real shooter.

Well done darling.


Actually I just remembered… When I was younger I used to wear my Grandpa’s big white t-shirts and wrap a belt around it to make a dress, and wear another one around my head and my grandma would tie it up so it looked like I had a pony tail, and I think my name was Carla!

YES! That works.

And the real kicker is she had a pet pig. She wasn’t a real pig, she was a leather bag that I used to just drag around and her name was babe.


Hosted by: Greg Bailey & Dan Leo Stanley

Guest: Tyler Carter

Produced by Coby Carnage

Theme music by Psychofagxx

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