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In this episode, Greg and Dan talk about how dominant Gemma Collins is, how Dan’s mum made him gay, and about Greg singing Celine Dion’s My Heart will go on in his parents basement. This week's guest is our theme music creator PsychoFag, who popped round for tea and shortbread, and of course had a couple of rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

Editorial, quotes and snippets from the episode below.


How did it all begin?

I started doing all this a very long time ago, I actually started recording when I was 16. You couldn’t really speak to people like you can now and being as open as you can now, I had a lot of queer rage at that time, but didn’t really know how to channel it. I suppose thats where the name Psychofag came from.


“I had a lot of queer rage”

What was the first ever song you wrote and performed?

Boy on the Internet.

YES! I love that song. I’m so glad you said that, because that's the song I remember from back then. That’s the song that set you off on a good trajectory right?

Yeah, thats around the time I was touring around the UK, and Europe, it was all going well, I had a good presence on myspace, I was meeting boys off MSN, and Boy on the Internet was about that. It was very anecdotal of the time.


Sometimes doing the things that you like can be damaging. I had to stop for a while, and just make my own path, I had to take a step back and deny myself this creativity. People say that taking substances helps in creating things, but that was a load of shit for me. I quit drinking and everything was lifted, and I started making music again, after ten years of silence.


“Sometimes doing the things that you like can be damaging”


I wanted to create a pop act and do an entire show with Psychofag, rather than just be a lipsync kind of drag act. I’m very inspired by Christeen, I love her live shows, they are such an experience. I’m also still writing and creating for other people too.

Look wise you’ve definitely evolved too, since you started again last year.

I had to babe! I quickly worked out that I couldn’t get away with wearing a tinsel wig from Partido and white snazaroo face paint every gig. I still can’t do a decent eye, so I just made contact lenses my thing.

Hosts: Greg Bailey & Dan Leo Stanley

Produced by Coby Carnage

Guest & Theme music by Psychofagxx


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