Episode 08 | Joe Black


Photography Greg Bailey

In this episode, Greg and Dan talk about the perception of success equalling money, how lovely Brooke Candy is, and movie plot lines of movies we’ve never seen. This week's guest is the camp old bitch, Joe Black. Joe tells us about Drag World and photographing a sleeping Jinkx Monsoon, learning tap dancing in Seattle, and we of course have a couple of rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

Editorial, quotes and snippets from the episode below.


Singing is something that is central to your act.

It’s most of the act to be honest with you.

How to you pick the songs for your act?

I’m very selfish with it actually, I just do things I like. I mean sweet transvestite, is luckliy one I love and a lot of people like too. But i’m not one to sing to the bangers.

What like the kids are listening too?

You think any kids are going to my shows?


“You think any kids are going to my shows?”

I wanted to ask you about the progression of your aesthetic, going back only five years, its very different from what you do now. How would you say it has progressed?

I don’t know, like suits, painted smeary makeup, just being outrageous. I’ve gone through so many wierd versions of myself. One thing I love though is that i’m not doing female illusion, gender dosen’t really matter in what I do.


“My drag isn’t femininity, its cartoonish”

There were times when I thought “Am I trans?”. I’m not, but we all have femininity inside us, and being able to express that is important, because if you don’t, that’s when toxic behaviour happens. Granted my drag isn’t femininity, its cartoonish. At no point am I trying to be a woman, because the sort of woman I admired and wanted to be when I was younger were all cartoons, they were ridiculous, and not real. And I think being able to express myself, in that way made me go “actually I am a cis man”, androgonous obviously, maybe if I was young now i’d class myself as non-binary.


I woke up this morning, had my morning cigarette and went on twitter and the first thing I read was “Drag Race UK: are you ready to meet our girls?”. My eyes got wet and I went into a mild existential crisis thinking “This is it! It’s all over! They’re going to take all our work, i’m going to be destitute, I'm going to have to live in a box!”. Then just as quickly I started getting emotional for the people I knew who are part of the cast, and being happy for them. Then crying at Blu Hydrangea’s story about planting a hydrangea bush. This was all in the space of six minutes!

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