Episode 04 | Cherry Liquor

Photography & Styling Greg Bailey Hair Dan Leo Stanley Makeup Conor England

In this episode Greg and Dan talk about catching more fly’s with honey than vinegar, Lisa Scott Lee, and nostalgia as a trend. This episodes guest is “Trad” Queen Cherry Liquor. We styled and photographed her with nostalgia in mind, with a strong nod to the sixties. We learn more about who Cherry is, where her Drag sits within today’s scene, and of course we finish the episode with a round of cards against humanity, because… why not?

Editorial, quotes and snippets from the episode below.


I wanted to talk to you about who you are and where you’re from? The Cherry Story.

I’m from Portsmouth, which is VERY Glam. The Hampshire Bouleovard is my home there, it’s where I perform. I’m 29, but I look about 50 in drag.


“Now I’m this fucking mess!”

Cherry has definitely grown; I’ve turned into more of a clown now rather than a drag queen. I never really liked the term “Drag Queen”. I don’t know why but I used to find it very negative. People used to say “You’re a drag queen” and I would say “Oh no I’m not!”. And now I’m…


Yeah, now I’m this fucking mess.


“I saw that Ugly step sister type thing and LOVED it!”

You’ve set yourself a side from the new “traditional” drag queen, by being a “traditional” drag queen, in the sense of how you and I grew up with panto queens and Lilly savage, was that intentional?

I was totally inspired by pantomime, that was the first thing that made me go “Oh I want to do this!”, which is probably completely different from what any other starting out drag queens would do. I saw that ugly sister type thing and LOVED it.

Produced by Coby Carnage

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