Episode 02 | Being Baby

Photography & Styling Greg Bailey Hair Dan Leo Stanley

In this episode Greg and Dan talk about what it was like being gay in school, potpourri, anal sex as a solution to over population, and they revisit the subject of being able to say “no”. This episodes guest is an up and coming performer in the drag scene by the name of Baby. We learn more about Baby’s first year in drag, what she does as a performer, and what she wants to do next. And of course we finish the episode with a round of cards against humanity, because… why not?

Editorial, quotes and snippets from the episode below.


When I won lip sync for your life, I started hosting it a couple months afterwards.

I find that insane! That’s so good.

Yeah I know, I won it, then I started hosting it every week. I think that’s why my drag has developed so quickly. I don’t want to be the shit new one that's hanging out like “I’m a good performer but my makeup is trash”. I had to step it up.


“I want to be on the Klub Kids tours, or Voss events!”

What do you feel about that, starting up in a place like Brighton and having to establish yourself, and so quickly too?

In terms of queens of colour there’s me and Tayce, so it felt like I needed to be an example of Black excellence within the Brighton queer scene. That’s why everything I do has to be choreographed and perfect, if other queens fuck up it’s just “oh they made a mistake” but if you fuck up as a black queen, people think “Black queens are shit, that’s why she fucked up!”.


“I needed to be an example of black excellence.”

Produced by Coby Carnage

Theme music by Psychofagxx


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