Episode 07 | Arran Shurvinton


Photography Greg Bailey Styling Arran Shurvinton

In this episode Greg and Dan talk about banana allergies, Elaine Paige, and having to clean dark rooms. This weeks guest is the viral sensation Arran Shurvinton AKA disco Nosferatu. Arran tells us how his Nosferatu character was born, why he would never do Drag Race UK, and we finish up with a tray bake cake and a round of Cards Against Humanity because… why not?

Editorial, quotes and snippets from the episode below.


For everyone who dosen’t know, you are Arran Shurvinton AKA Nosferatu.

Yes! Or Noss, or Noss Noss… any are acceptable.

How long have you been doing Noss for?

Five years now. I started without a set character, and I was performing with my partner Joe Black. We’d just do random characters as a double act in variety shows. Then I found Nosferatu when I was trying to find my own identity, which I ironically I stole from a 1922 film, or re-appropriated.


“I’m still a recovering goth”

You actually said to us earlier that this, having a microphone in front of you, is your worst nightmare.

Yes, i’m absolutely terrified. There’s definately some red wine involved in this to lube up the conversation.

You’ve created a character where you don’t need to talk. Noss comes from the silent movie era, so you sometimes use boards on stage with words on instead of talking.

Exactly! It’s one thing I love about the style of drag that has come from America, it’s lipsync based which isn’t traditionally British drag. So I’ve gone with that, Noss uses other peoples words, not his own.


“Being ugly is the most liberating thing I’ve ever done!”

The “Horror” drag thing, dosen’t have quite the same thing here as it does in the States. Do you get peole lumping you in the same categoriy as Dragula?

I get a couple of Dragula comments from time to time, but I get asked more if i’m going to go for Drag Race UK. I will never go for drag race, it’s just not my world. Same with Dragula, it’s just not my medium. I have a day job that i’m happy in, so that longing to be on TV shows like that just isn’t there. I’m happy following my own little path. Noss is doing his own thing, and has a following, and has oppotunities to perform.


It all comes with a bit of a goth sensibilty, which has ran in everything i’ve done since I was a teenager. I’m still a recovering goth.

Yes. How many shades of black are you wearing right now?

All of them.


“I’m happy following my own little path. Noss is doing his own thing”

At the end of last year I won a residency at Club Revenge here in Brighton, where all the drag racers perform. I started my performance career in burlesque where you have a handful of acts that you repeat from show to show. But at revenge and the drag community in general you are encouraged to perform new acts everytime. I’m enjoying the creative freedom this residency has given me, i’m required to make something new everytime i’m there.

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