Episode 03 | Adore Delano

Photography & Styling Greg Bailey Hair Dan Leo Stanley

In this episode Greg and Dan talk about stealing cookies, vines, grammatical gaffs and compromise. This episodes guest is Drag Race legend and wild child Adore Delano. We learn more about the origin of “Okurrr”, Greg and Adores mutual dislike of cult film that’s close to Dan’s heart, and of course we finish the episode with a round of cards against humanity, because… why not?

Editorial, quotes and snippets from the episode below.


So you’re here on your “Pizza me tour”, is it named this cos your love of pizza and Britney?!


Oh my god, how did I guess?!

Well a “piece of me” was already taken by an Icon, and a lot of the little girls know I love pizza and just wanna kinda just share little stories of my life and why i’m such a dick head on instagram live. It’s coming across pretty well.


“Your words mean something to these kids”

On this podcast we talk about being LGBTQ+ and creative, we kinda have an overall theme. For this one we were going to talk about doing work for others, kinda changing what you want to do and compromising for sales or professional popularity. Have you ever needed to do that?

Not for likes or popularity for me at least. Bianca, Courtney, and Darienne have this running joke that I have a really young fan base. You kinda gain some responsibility of what you’re putting out there as your words mean something to these kids.


“I wanted to break out of that RuPaul’s Drag Race sound”

I had to compromise for All Stars two and it didn’t feel good. Bianca says theres something she really likes about me and that’s if I don’t lke something I just have to get the fuck out of there. When I know somehting is not for me, I gotta go. I felt that was a compromiseation that I wasn’t willing to put fourth, and for album “After Party'“, that was meant to be an indie, rockish pop album, but I got talked into doing the whole synth sound again. I liked that album, because I wrote most of the music but thats not what my vison was… I wanted to break out of that whole RuPaul’s Drag Race sound.


“That beat was not sick, that beat took NyQuil before it filmed the video”

Catch Adore on tour in the UK supporting Andy Black CLICK HERE.

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