Episode 01 | Katya Zamolodchikova

Photography Greg Bailey

In this first episode of Alright Darling, we get to know our hosts Greg Bailey and Dan Leo Stanley. In the later half of the show they sit down with Katya in her hotel room in Brighton and discuss the power of "NO", what Katya hates about the UK, and they all play a round of Cards Against Muggles. After the episode was recorded, Greg met up with Katya backstage at the Theatre Royal in Brighton to shoot the editorial for the episode. Keep scrolling for the editorial and written exerts from the episode.


“I’m extremely excited to be here, I’m sexy, and gorgeous, and I’m wonderful”

I want to talk about saying no to people. I’ve found it very difficult to say no to projects and working with people. Saying “no” can be a very powerful thing. How has that effected you?

I mean, I guess it depends on where you’re at in your professional development though, because that’s a big factor. After drag race for example, the booking agent was like “Okay. Do you want to work a lot? How do you want to do this?” and I was like, lets just say yes to everything… and that didn’t work out so good. I have a people pleasing thing, and have difficulty advocating for myself. I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable, which is a malfunction of my brain, because i’m just assuming how people are going to react to things.


“By the way, I’m not sure if you noticed but Draco Malfoy is an F to M transsexual”


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