Words Hugo Harris Photography Greg Bailey

In 1959 the world gave birth to Barbara Millicent Roberts, a small town girl from Wisconsin. Barbara became a teen model, a business executive, a doctor, an astronaut and even a muse to Andy Warhol. Today at 58 years of age Barbara or Barbie as she is more commonly known is a force to be reckoned with.

Today at 26 years of age Trixie Mattel also a small town girl from Wisconsin, is rivalling Barbara Millicent Roberts in her achievements. She’s suitable for anyone ages three and up. Batteries not included and Accessories sold separately.

"All of horror inspires us whether it’s beautiful and artistic or campy and gory, it’s all fun to play with. Especially the parts where normal, boring people get killed."

The Boulet Brothers





Words Ian Daniel Photography Adam Reyna.

I first met Nico Tortorella in November 2016 at a recording studio in NYC to have a conversation for his podcast The Love Bomb, where he explores topics of love, sex, sexuality, and gender with his friends, exes and other inspiring people. He invited me on to talk more about a TV show I co-host and executive produce (along with the actress Ellen Page) called GAYCATION on VICELAND, which explores LGBTQ+ culture around the world. During that podcast recording a cosmic connection between Nico and I ensued, and over the past few months I’ve learned; He’s on a hit TV show called Younger on TVLAND, He wants to help the world be a more loving place, He is kind, open, curious and has a big heart, and he also has a motto tattooed across chest.

"Trump and I share the same Birthday! It broke my heart. What a fucking buzz kill."

Raja Gemini


Words Crystal Lubrikunt Photography Venfield8

Hello Vander darling, how have you been since Dragula aired?

Awestruck! I've just been completely awestruck by the whole experience. The show really changed the game for me. Even in the LA circuit a lot of people didn't really know who Vander was before the first episode hit Hey Qween TV.

The series really takes it to the next level, what made you want to be a part of the show?

Being the first season, the Boulet Brothers really kept the whole thing under wraps. We were lucky enough to be approached and...

"There is nothing biological about the performance of femininity."

Victoria Sin