Words and Photography Greg BaileyMakeup Elliot Joseph Rentz

I arrive at Elliot Joseph Rentz AKA Alexis Stones apartment in Brighton, and am greeted by the guest of honor herself "Hey baby how are you?" beams Detox, followed by one of the fantastic hugs she gives. We make our way to Saline's room, (Elliot's bestie and flat mate) where a makeup table and lighting set up await us. Both Saline and I are very aware that we should be keeping quite while filming commences but this is proved rather difficult when Detox decides to remove Elliot's trousers and fondle him, I shouldn't of been surprised as she did forewarn me before arrival she may not be able to control herself around him. After the shenanigans we got a quick chance to ask her a few questions and try out a few looks with what Elliot had created...

Hey Love. How was your flight back to LA? Great actually! I took the inaugural flight from London to Salt Lake City and slept the majority of it. I love ZQuil.

What is your week going to be like leading up to DragCon? Where can people get to see you? Insane. I work every night this week and next week is when I go in full attack mode to finish hammering out all the final details. But you can catch me Thursday May 5th at the screening of Cherry Pop The Movie!

Its clear you have a huge interest in fashion, High end in particular. Was it something you always knew you'd incorporate into your drag? It's been a part of my world since I was young, honestly. Vintage in particular. When I was about 13 or 14 I would go to thrift stores with my mother and find Christian Dior neckties. I had a huge collection and would wear them as belts or make bags out of them. My favorite pair of jeans were high waisted Oscar De La Renta cigarette jeans. I was a faggot.

Where does your passion for the 80's stem from? Being a product of the 80s. I was born in 85 and remember quite a lot about those 5 years. Having an older sister as a role model didn't hurt either.

If you were to go on a detox from drag, what would you want to do with your life for a while? I'd like to disappear for a while. I've been dreaming of that for a bit actually. Just going off the grid for a couple of months and getting centered. Finding my inspiration again. I feel like a robot. I don't think I want to quit drag at all, but I would love to have break in order to really hone in and focus on what I'd like to do with it before I start resenting it.

You've just launched a new cooking YouTube series, Eat it Up with Detox and Mamatox. Which was quite an unexpected move. How did that come about? Family is the most important thing to me. Any excuse to be with them I jump on it. My sister actually came up with the idea and I knew I had to do it. I have a cookbook coming out co-written by my mother, and, initially, the show was supposed to just cause buzz for that. I think we'll stick with it though. ;-)

Is Detox a character you created, or is she simply a different side to Matthew? She is he as much as he is she. I don't differentiate them. I truly think I am the same in and out of drag. I so often see girls create these characters and lose themselves in the process. I don't ever want to lose myself.

You mentioned to Elliot in the tutorial that you aren't concentrating on music right now, but you're working on other products that you're more passionate about. What sort of things can we expect from you? Heroine, the first fragrance by Detox? Fashion. Writing. Television. And some music. There will definitely be music out this year....but I'm not interested in releasing an album just to have an album out. Once I have some time to truly produce the kind of record I want to and work with the people I want to, then I'll release something.

DWV or Ro-Laska-Tox? Detox.

Any final words? Fellatio.


Elliot Joseph Rentz AKA Alexis Stone paints Detox for Alright Darling.

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