It's a Tuesday night about to become a Wednesday morning - and UK Drag Queen Crystal Lubrikunt is sat waiting at her computer for her exclusive interview with BibleGirl666 in which they discuss mean queens, the New York scene, her latest EP and talks of world domination! Find out what happened when The Kunt took her very first Bible Study class below... 

Hello there my NYC cult-queen how are you?

I’m good, just hanging, whats up?

How does it feel to get such international hype around yourself?

It’s incredible and super-validating mainly because it is something I never thought I’d ever be able to tap into. It’s been wonderful having that connectivity and to actually gather a lot of knowledge from different cultures that have internationally started recognising me. Overall it’s been really amazing and I’m extremely thankful and appreciative for it.

For those that don’t know, could you tell us about BibleGirl and her style?

The genesis for BibleGirl really comes from parodying MySpace culture back in 2007, I grew up right around the time MySpace really was the thing, I was 12 and you had to be 13 to be on it so I made a fake account haha and I became so enamoured with the concept of gaining fame through the internet. I just saw MySpace as something that was super fun, bright and colourful and for someone who wasn’t out of the closet it was something really cool to home to after school and I would just sit and look at what was going on in this alternative culture MySpace had. The online persona you got to create which has that duality with drag. Just having all these characters on this site that were widely adored by so many people just for being their kooky and zany selves. And then on top of that my style is predominantly inspired alongside the MySpace era, by pop culture but specifically the millennial pop divas like Britney, Christina and Gwen Stefani that gave that post millennial feminist approach to pop music whether it was direct or coincidental and they’re still a key influence to my work right now.

How does it feel to have such a large and supportive fanbase having never set foot on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Again, another form of validation, it’s definitely been one of the main factors that has help me stay afloat with a lot of bullshit that comes my way - especially in recent months - I won’t lie when I say “my feelings get hurt when some things are said” so I’ve pulled back from social media just a tad and I’ve found that since pulling back I’ve allowed my craft to grow immensely but knowing that I’ve got this supportive fanbase that are going through all of it with me with private messages and words of love it’s very nice to know that people understand my perspective and ultimately that people know that I’m not a dick. I’m so-so thankful.

How long have you been doing drag?

I’ve been doing drag for about a year and a half, it will be two years as of Halloween this year.

Ooh you’re a Halloween queen!

Yup! All the good ones start there!

Hey I didn’t start in Halloween missy!

Not to bring Ru into it but he himself has said: “Any bitch that can throw on a wig and some pumps is a hero”

Being a New York queen, can you tell when a queen is from NYC?

I think as far as stereotypes are concerned, there’s an uptown broadway kinda queen, club kid queens that go to alternative parties and are very outlandish and there’s Brooklyn drag queens and they specifically are super-creative and I love how developed their characters and personas are, they’re taken to such a higher degree but it’s not all set in stone, there isn’t a rulebook but one thing that all NYC queens have is that there is this confidence that we have that takes over that allows us to just walk to the bar or roam the streets freely. The confidence of a NYC queen is recognisable, we got a lot a balls.

What make’s the New York drag scene so unique?

There’s not one exact replica of what a New York queen should be, everyone is their own individual persona which is super important and it’s something that took the community some time to realise that we should flesh out some more and not worry so much on the look sometimes or the lip-sync or how they were gonna dance because at the end of the day everyone started to realise this is a community. Everyone comes into their own here, it’s aided the scene a lot recently.

Do you ever get backlash from other queens?

Oh all the time!

Why do you think you do?

I like that you say “why do you THINK that?” rather than “why?” because there has never been a specific reason that has ever been explained. Not to suck my own dick about it but I get it, I am young, I’m 21 and I started at 20 and I have garnered what I have garnered as far as accomplishments go and all for being myself. There’s this bitterness or this jealousy which I don’t like to say...

It probably is jealousy! People can naturally be jealous, it happens!

Yes! I think there’s a mindset that people have where they think that I haven’t paid my dues? When, yes I have actually, I’ve put my life on a global platform, everyone knows pretty much everything about my life if they wanted to.

I think unless a person has been by your side through-out your ENTIRE journey then quite frankly they don’t know really know shit about you.

Exactly! I work hard, this is a business and I have a business mindset and others don’t and do not understand that, they have the puzzle pieces but can’t put it together.

It’s frustrating being a queen sometimes in some spotlights as there’s this motivation and feeling that you have to constantly prove yourself when you shouldn’t have to at all.

People won’t progress if they focus on negativity and I’m not about that.

Now, tell us about your catchphrase “quitting drag” I feel it’s going to really catch on, “I’m quitting drag, i’m done”

Haha thank you! It originally started when there were queens from the workroom would announce from time to time their exodus from drag; they make this big, grand announcement about how they’re over it and done and then a month-or-so they’re back at it! Drag never leaves you, once you start it never goes away.

How many times have you quit drag now?

If I had to guess I’d say 420 times.

So you’re going to be going on tour with Laganja & Gia Gunn, how exciting? And in Brazil!

Yes! In November and December! I feel great and amazingly accomplished to know that I am up touring with two of the biggest names in the industry, nerve-wrecking also as they’re two of the most incredible performers. I respect them both so much.

That dressing room sounds like it’s going to be quite hysterical...

It’s going to be out-of-fucking-control. I have just been told I’ve got a few solo dates in Brazil too so that’s going to be amazing, so far there is a total of 8 dates overall and I’m incredibly excited.

You’ve got some hype in the UK surrounding a potential appearance at Dragfest UK 2016, how must that feel?

Incredible! So cool! It’s a struggle to get booked internationally because I have not been on a specific television show... It’s why I pushed for Brazil because I hoped once one international gig happened? The rest may follow. It’s super exciting, to see the poll for Dragfest UK 2016 go up...

You’re still no.1 on it! You’re welcome with open arms here!

I’m so excited, it’s amazing.

What would you like to be in store for BibleGirl’s future? Any plans we don’t know about?

I would love to have a successful launch for my upcoming EP which as a TBA release date, it’s still in early stages though we have the first single out entitled ‘Chinatown’ produced by Hamm Samwich but I want it to be an enriching experience where I learn a lot about music, I’m working with a lot of audio engineers and it’s been really beneficial. The whole point of the project was that I can give myself a platform where I can share my story and to bring life to my life online.

- random scream comes from BibleGirls end -

Homeless person. Anyway, the first single is unique because I’m not even singing because I wanted it to be heavily influenced by Grace Jones, Madonna, a lot of strong female personalities that exude confidence that I wanted it to be translated through it. The first single is literally the introduction to the EP. I’m letting things flow and come together naturally hence the TBA release date.

Could you see yourself setting foot into the workroom?

Yes and no, I see myself stepping into the workroom in regards to the fact that I think I’d be able to do it. And I say no because with the attention that I’ve already gathered and gained it has put a pretty big target on my back and having heard the grievances from some of the previous seasons stars I don’t know if I could handle it but trust me I’d love to have the opportunity but I don’t know if I want to hinder the progress I have made on my own due to an edited representation of myself on a reality show. I want it to be an accessory to my career, not a make-or-breaker.

And finally, quickfire round, no more BS! Are you ready?


Thin crust or Deep pan?

Oh thin crust!

Twinks or Bears?

...Bears. (smirk included)

Madonna or Cher? Madonna.

Boxers or Briefs?


Celine or Mariah?


What Britney Spears era represents your current mood in life right now?


What do you want people to know about you that you don’t think the majority do?

I have feelings.

Now we have some questions from your fans!

How has drag changed your life? (@an1ssima on instagram)

Drag has changed my life because it has granted me humility and empathy for all walks of life, it has allowed me to become part of the island of misfit toys. As someone who has been bullied in several chapters of life it’s nice to enter a community of people who have all faced that same type of demon and to find that self-love and self-confidence.

Who are your drag inspirations? (@pearlsliaison on instagram)

Leigh Bowery, absolutely Willam for sure and Alaska.

Is their a disconnect between your drag persona and you as an everyday man? (@colterwarren on Instagram)

Yes, that would predominantly be that as myself I like to lay low and enjoy my friends, the problem is that my boy self has to somehow collaborate with my drag persona on social media. They’re two different people, I like the fact that there is the disconnect because it allows me to be grounded, if there isn’t a disconnect it allows a certain kind of ego to grow and I don’t have that, I’m not an asshole.

What inspired you to do drag? (@bby.spice on instagram)

I think it was something that was subconsciously locked away in my head in 7th grade when I used to visit my grandma in Fire Island who’s had a house there in Cherry Grove for over 30 years. I remember being exposed to gay culture openly, saw drag queens walking around and it was so unknown to me and I tried to understand it and through all that some motivations were locked away so I eventually went into with a want and a need to find some self-love that I knew would be enriching for myself.

Tell us one thing you don’t think any fan knows about you...

I would say that I still have those days when I look in the mirror and think that I’m not good enough, and for most people you just gotta know that you are good enough. I have many issues that I still face and to quote Britney lightly “I go through life like a karate kid” I just have to keep pushing, I have a love for what I do, it’s my job. I pick myself up, I pick up all the pieces and keep on truckin’! I think what I want people to understand about me is that I am just as human as they are.

That’s wonderful! Well it was so f**king cool talking to you BibleGirl and we can’t wait for you to come to the UK soon!

Thank you, this is a start of a beautiful friendship! 

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