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We managed to steal a few moments with the newly appointed winner of RuPaul's drag race Sasha Velour. We caught up with her prior to her win back stage at RuPaul's DragCon earlier in the year...

Sasha Velour how are doing today?

I’m doing fabulously how are you doing miss Crystal Lubrikunt?

I’m very well thank you my darling, how has life been since season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race been for you?

Absolute-joyful madness every single day!

You said on the show you went from 1,300 followers online to god-knows how many now.

Literally! I can’t even do the math with how much percentage increase that is!

How do you feel your life has positively changed since the show has aired?

I have a platform to help lift up and celebrate all of the amazing drag kings & queens that I know in my community that I’ve always been working with in Brooklyn, doing my monthly show Nightgowns last month, being able to move it to anew venue with beautiful, theatrical tech and being able to present drag as it looks best with amazing lighting, beautiful projections - because it’s my show haha! - and having an audience that wouldn’t have necessarily known how to find these kind of artists and being able to be that editor, and producer of drag is so, so exciting.

Could you see yourself taking Nightgowns on the road in future?

Absolutely, my dream is to be able to work with casts from different local communities and bring them in to the Nightgowns philosophy. The biggest thing with Nightgowns is we try to train the audience to treat drag like it is a theatrical performance, to give it that kind of attention and respect, and every drag performer deserves that.

2017 has been quite the year for politics thus far, especially for the LGBTQ+ community, what message would you like to send out to all of those within our queer family tree, to keep them going, to motivate them?

To push in an unafraid way against the boundaries that you see around you; when someone says that something doesn’t have value, or that something is ugly to use that as a sign that it’s something you should be pursuing and taking interest in, uplifting and re-evaluating.

Thank you Sasha, we adore you Sasha.

I love ALRIGHT DARLING, thank you darling!

We also interviewed Sasha back in Novemeber 2016, to read that piece please click the link below.


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