One to watch: Maddelynn Hatter

Words Crystal Lubrikunt

This is the tea party we've wanted to be invited to for a while. We talk to the radical Maddlynn Hatter about parties, being successful and sober, and all things mad!

Hello Maddlynn my love how are you?

I'm super awesome!

Fabulous! Now you're one busy queen right now, 2016 feels like it's been your year. From making threads for the biggest parties in New York City to travelling coast to coast serving audiences everywhere! How has it all been for you?

Its been really fun! I'm really happy what my life has turned into to. Traveling is great because I get to see my friends all over and i get to make so many new ones!

Do you have plans to travel a lot more? We'd love to have you in the UK!

I definitely think I'm gonna bring her around a lot more once spring comes around. Right now during the winter months I like to just buckle down in my little cave, sew, make new looks and come up with new numbers.

You're known for your sickening self-portraits, looks to die for, the big hair and the sexy snarl that can be seen from across any club; is there a part of Maddlynn we have yet to see that you wish to showcase more of?

Well I pretty much put all of myself out on the table for everyone to see, but there are little tricks I'm working on to add to the skill set, to wow the kids!

Who are some of your biggest inspirations when it comes to your drag?

Nina Flowers was one of the first people that got me inspired, I've been obsessed with her before she was on Drag Race. I also take from fashion and makeup imagery I find in my tumblr dashboard, I just really pull influence from things i find sickening. Always try to heighten the inspiration flow y'know?

Having worked all over the drag scene of the United States who would you say you've had the best experiences working with and why?

I try to work well with everyone to be honest.

You turn one of the best parties in New York City called #TurnT with the hottest gogo boys along with the fiercest guests, what do you think it takes to run a successful party?

Keeping it exciting, keeping it fun, and making sure your doing something different than everyone else. That and I think bringing people together to give the best experience together as a team, it's important to have everyone happy and working to interact with all the people attending.

Bob The Drag Queen, Laganja Estranja, are - to name a few - some of the most successful queens in the business that are sober; from one sober queen to another how is it running such a successful party sober?

Well I would be lying to say that it doesn't have its trying moments, but because of the fact that I'm sober, I'm able to navigate around problems pretty smoothly or at least in a way where they are taken care of. Always having a clear mind keeps my talent safe and myself safe especially in such uncertain times. I like to think that TURNt is a place that people can really let their hair down and not have to think about the pressures of their own lives. I also try to keep an eye on security and providing a really great show! I wouldn't be able to do that if my mind was compromised in any way.

What are your hopes for your drag career? Where would you like to see yourself in the years to come?

Produce more shows. Put together shows of a higher level and possibly ticketed events. Traveling and slaying across Canada and Europe. Ultimately at the end of the day just to be happy doing what I'm doing.

Though we've mentioned it briefly and you've clearly shown you don't necessarily need it but given the opportunity; would you step into that bright pink workroom one day?

We'll see. no one knows what the future holds.



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