Throwback Thursday: AAA Girls

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There is so much about the AAA girls we already know: Alaska Thunderfuck, for example, used to date the reincarnation of Joan Rivers, is a natural blonde who doesn't wear wigs and is staunch on the subject of wearing nails.  Willam is a shy retiring character who has cameoed in hit television shows, such as Sex and the City, and Six Feet Under.  She was also a member of DWV (until the group disbanded due to a member losing their foot to diabetes) and has had solo success, reaching number one in the iTunes Comedy Charts with the song, ”Es Una Pasiva.”  Finally, Courtney Act comes from the land down under and was a semi-finalist in Australian Idol.  She also featured in FHM’s 100 Most Beautiful Women in the World, and tours internationally with her one woman show, “Boys Like Me:” A show that has received great critical success. 

So what’s left to find out about the AAA Girls? We asked Alright Darling readers to send us your most daring, thought provoking questions, and, as usual, you didn’t disappoint.  We had all sorts – some light hearted, some serious and some (our favourites!) down right shocking.  We picked the best, and put them to the girls during an exclusive photo-shoot at American Apparel Brighton, where they modelled American Apparel’s SS15 print, Magnolia in Full Bloom. 

afieldguy asks: What are the funniest experiences you've had with a superfan?

C: Willam nearly made an underage fan drink poppers live on stage in London. She was demonstrating how to play “poppers slap” (its a fun holiday game for the whole family). She handed the twink the bottle and he went to take a swig. It was later reported that there were a number of poppers ingesting related injuries at British music festivals. A craze if you will. I’m not saying that the trend started on that night… but it clearly did.
A: I like when we get to sign dudes' butts.
W: Anal

brightlightx2 asks: what's the biggest difference you notice in drag when you tour different parts of the world?

A: Queens in Australia keep the lace on their wigs really long. I'm not mad at it. It looks cool.
W: Levels of contour commitment that if it shows up good in photos (even if it looks stupid in person), that it’s right.

virginiawrightx asks: How much more complicated is it to date as a drag queen, but also as a celebrity on top of that?

C: It’s complicated to date us because we are never in one city more than a night, including our homes. That’s why I like to date lots of different people in different cities, at the same time.
A: It's fine. Dating someone with whom you have lots in common is good. But lately I prefer to date dudes who don't care about drag or fame or Instagram. That's hot to me.
W: I’ll never take claim to “celebrity”. I’m a novelty at best.

sutanamrull asks: "Why?"... Just "Why?"

C: We have been asking ourselves the same thing abut Diamond Crown Queen
A: Cuz I gotta!
W: not of all us can be runway, Raja. Somebody gotta do the ready-to-wear and catalogue gigs. #AAAgirls

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