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Hair & Makeup Jinny Kim Styling Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe Bergdorf is treading a very fine line. On one side of the line is her life as DJ, sipping champagne cocktails and posing for glamorous photo shoots in skimpy out fits; on the other side is her life as a political activist, quoting by heart the harrowing numbers of trans women of colour murdered each year and working with politicians and filmmakers to raise awareness for homeless trans youth.

In fact, Munroe is not just treading this line; she’s using it as a catwalk. Before I met her, I was fascinated to see how one person could force her two worlds together. How could she possibly wear both hats at once –DJ and activist? Now I realise, that on Munroe, these two roles are less like hats and more like a pair of treasured Christian Louboutins.

Not only can she wear both shoes at the same time, but she can look damn good doing it.

For the readers who are yet to discover Munroe Bergdorf, she describes her set as urban with a twist. “I like the old school divas, like Mary J Blige and Missy Elliot,” she tells me, “then I’ll throw in some Wutang and Tupac, some Girls Aloud. It’s a really mixed bag.” Trying to define her sound makes her laugh.

In hindsight, asking Munroe to put herself in a box was a bit of stupid question: “Mixed bag” is understatement. “It kind of depends where I’m playing,” she elaborates, “I like really dirty, really small gay bars. East Bloc is always really fun. Where people just let go and go crazy. It’s a really liberating feeling – people aren’t going there to show off, they’re just getting really drunk and taking their clothes off and dancing. That’s what it’s all about.”

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