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Words Crystal Lubrikunt

Whilst our contributor Crystal Lubrikunt was working the New York drag scene last month she sat down with her friend, talented drag queen and one to watch AJA. They discuss Brooklyn drag, her drag family, and all things kawaii!

How would you describe your style of drag to someone who's deprived of your ferocity?

My drag is artsy, genderless, animated, sexy but most of all cute and edgy! I love to blur the gender line. Drag isn't just about female illusion, it's about expression!

You're based in Brooklyn, New York; the scene over here has grown and become such a large community of "no-rules" drag, from genderfuck to club kids, queens to kings; how has the scene progressed since you started?

I actually started doing drag in Manhattan before I even found out there was a drag scene in Brooklyn! I know, it's crazy. But since I have been in the scene there's been a major evolution in queer culture and nightlife. The Brooklyn scene is a party. A big queer party with lots of fairies and cuties. Everyone is accepted in Brooklyn as long as they are nice. The scene went from being predominately drag to including all artists from all parts of the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

What inspired you to do drag in the first place?

I didn't think I would be doing drag for long. It really started off as a joke but then I realized I enjoyed it so much and I didn't want it to end!

You're drag style is very kawaii! How much do comics and anime influence your drag?

Anime actually plays a huge role in influencing my drag. I'm so into the cute big eyes and big lips look. I've always been a gamer and an anime fan so combining that part of me into my drag had truly been one of the most satisfying things for me in drag!

You're quite the seamstress! Is it true you never wear a look twice?

I have a few looks I have recycled but I usually try not to wear the same look more than once! Unless I'm forced to.

How did you get so good at putting looks together so quickly?

I always just have an idea and I let those ideas manifest into reality by allowing my hands to create what my mind wants to see. I'm a very detailed oriented person and I try to make sure that every single piece of what I'm making looks perfect! Other times I just pull something out of nowhere and even I am confused!

You're at the reigns of a drag House that features yourself, MomoShade, Kandy Muse and Dahlia Sin; how would you describe your drag family?

My drag family is amazing. We're cohesive yet different. Dahlia is a sexy kitten, Momo gives you female illusion, kandy serves personality and I definitely deliver the uniqueness and quirkiness. It all compliments each other I think!

Following your family is a lot of fun, the enormous personalities are infectious; do you reckon you could survive alone on an island without them? How do you think it'd go down?

I could survive without them but it would be boring and I would be searching for a magic lamp to grant me wishes to get off that island!

Where would you like to see your drag go in the future?

I just want to be a voice for the younger generation and inspire people to express themselves in the rawest form.

Time for some quick fire questions

Creepers or platform heels?


Pokemon or Digimon?


Sailor Moon or Mortal Kombat?

This is a trick question but sailor moon!

Top bunk or bottom bunk?

Whichever bunk is bigger if you catch my drift.

Drag Con or Comic Con?

Drag Con of course!

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