One of our all time favorite illustrators and by far the most celebrated Drag Race artist Chad Sell has done it again! Chad met up with Brooklyn’s heavy metal drag queen HELLVETIKA to discuss the All Stars reunion and his new collection of portraits of the All Star cast!

Chad: Hellvetika! For the last several seasons of Drag Race, I’ve been pining for the old fashioned reunion format rather than the big, live finales of Seasons 4-8. And I finally got an old school reunion with All Stars, but… it felt a little anticlimactic. What did you think of it?
Hellvetika: So, I haven’t talked to anyone about it or read anything online about the reaction to the reunion, and I also watched alone at home… But my reaction was I was VERY underwhelmed haha. It felt quiet..empty… very little editing, no? How am I supposed to know when someone says something shady without the sound effects? Overall, it felt rushed to me. Ru wasn’t in drag… No Michelle…
Chad: Ha! I’m sure that they sliced and diced the footage a fair bit, but yes, it does feel like a quiet afternoon sitting around with RuPaul, who’s desperately digging around for drama.
Hellvetika: If they were digging for drama, I don’t feel like they found any.
Chad: I feel like the girls have all been around the block and know how the game is played, so they didn’t let things get heated. Roxxxy has been a shining example of restraint all throughout the season — she seems to watch every word, never letting an ounce of negativity or ego slip out of her.
Hellvetika: I think this is something that’s very apparent in all the latest seasons of Drag Race, actually. People are very aware that how they act on the show can be blown out of proportion, so everyone’s clamoring to be likable and not stir anything up… Except one person.
Chad: Do you think it was fair for Ru to just totally shit all over Phi Phi for avoiding the reunion?
Hellvetika: Sort of. I have mixed feelings about it all, and I think people are thinking of it in absolutes. I think Phi Phi’s portrayal on the show was somewhere in between acting like a douchebag and a bad edit. Phi phi wants to claim it’s entirely the edit. Ru wants to claim that edits don’t exist.

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