Words: Crystal Lubrikunt Photography: Greg Bailey

Its a Friday night and the last number for the night is fading out as an explosive applause echoes through the backstage area of Club Revenge in Brighton. The Chunky yet funky Latrice Royale steps into her dressing room with a pastel haired Kunt in tow... 

How are you?

I’ve said it from the beginning, baby, I’m Large and in Charge, Chunky Yet Funky, Bold and Beautiful! EAT IT!!!! 

How is the UK treating you on this tour? I mean you've been here a few times before am I Right? 

This is my third time in the UK, but I’m going lots of places I’ve never been before and people are showing me a lot of love everywhere I go. I’m having a blast seeing the country a little bit more and really getting to know everyone. 

Are there any UK queens you feel could give the U.S scene a run for its money? 

Well, I don’t even really see them as the same scene, you know? You guys have different perspectives over here and you comment on that just like we do. But the references are so different that it’s hard to even compare them much less judge it the same. But I LOVE the drag over here. Everyone knows I’m especially close with The Family Fierce/Meth Lab bunch, so that shows you a little about what I find appealing I guess.

Now I must talk about your single 'Weight' I mean at first it came out and everyone was like "this is fabulous" and then this remix Latrice, this Remix that you're touring with letting everybody have it! Tell us; how did a single release come about for yourself? Someone that a lot of people wouldn't have predicted would release a single, let alone an amazingly fierce record!

Well I had a little experience recording “The Chop” with Manila Luzon who I’m touring with on this trip as well. But “Weight” was pitched to me by a producer called Michaelangelo “Lomlplex” Cosculluela and it seemed like a good match. I didn’t want to just release something to release something, you know? It had to be able to stick. So then when B. Ames got a hold of it—honey, something in my spirit just let loose I guess. I’ve been performing it live for over a year, but my performance at the preshow of the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Finale taping really sent it over the edge across the world. Brazil knows EVERY WORD, BITCH!

So what's next for Latrice? Do you have any projects you're working on, perhaps more music? 

There is quite a bit of music happening right now. My duet with Willam called “Thick Thighs” just reached a million views on youtube and I am touring/workshopping my one-woman show “Here’s to Life.” I’m singing live in that and taking it to New York in the Spring, so you’ll be hearing more about that as well.

I'd love to read a book from you, could you see yourself releasing a biography of sorts?

I’ve often thought of writing a book, but I’m too busy touring to sit down that long right now. But you’ll find out a LOT more about me in my new documentary “Gays in Prison” by director Christopher Hines. He really goes deep into the issues that lead so many gay youth into prison and kind of uses my story to weave together other common stories. I think it’s going to really educate and inspire a lot of people. It tells my story pretty thoroughly and I think people will be surprised how little they actually know! LOL

Now in your interview with Hey Qween earlier this year you spoke very passionately about the life of a working queen and how there are these egos with pretty faces out there that don't know how to command an audience. Since then do you see any differences in some queens that you feel fit that description? 


Right Latrice quick fire round, are you ready? 

less is more or more is more? More is more until it’s too much

Beyoncé or Madonna? Beyonce

A two piece or a juicy burger? Salad

twinks or bears? Somewhere in between

top or bottom?

I think everyone knows the answer to that question! Check out my Michael Lucas film. Hahaha

Magnolia Crawford or Serena Cha cha?

Serena can do hair and paint her face DOWN, so Serena.

If a song could describe your feelings right now what song would it be?

Jesus Take the Wheel

Do you have any final words before we leave you?

I just want everybody to know how grateful I am for all of the love they are showing me. I can’t spend the kind of time with everyone that I would like to, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t hear their stories and carry them with me in my heart. Travel can be really stressful and exhausting, but knowing how much my fans get out of it and how committed they are keeps me inspired and motivated to be better all the time. So thanks!!!

 I love you Latrice

I love you too, you Kunt. 

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